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April 02, 2009

One other thing, I have OCD too which doesn't help matters!!

April 03, 2009

Yeah, some of the same stories here. I'm about to be 23 and have been picking my thumbs since at least Kindergarten, which was when I first realized I needed to stop. I also seem to have gotten it from my mom, who has nibbled at the insides of her cheeks and lips my whole life. (We make fun of her for it.) I do that to a lesser extent too, but usually I forget about it because picking my thumbs keeps me occupied. It initially started at my thumb cuticles, but then the picking spread down the sides of my thumbs, on the side facing me, and they just get red and kind of raw and basically embarrassing. There have been so many times I have tucked my thumbs inside my fist to hide it... And I've never told anyone, but my mom saw it once and told me I really needed to stop. It actually helped for a while too. The longest I've gone without picking was probably a month, but then school stresses return and I inevitably start doing it again. Now I have new inspiration to quit for good because I saw a classmate doing it the other day and it actually grossed ME out, as if it's not as gross when I do it! Needless to say, discovering this website was amazing to me and hopefully will give me the ammo I need to stop this thing. I saw a suggestion to play with koosh balls or silly putty, so I've been playing with silly putty all day today. It really works since my problem seems to be keeping my hands occupied. When I'm reading or sitting in class and my fingers get bored, that's when I usually start to pick. So the silly putty is a miracle worker. It's weird though because when I don't have it now I can physically feel the urge to pick, like my thumbs feel hot and tingly and it's sooo tempting, so I have to use all my willpower to refrain. I think I can relate it to my eating habits too, because I pride myself on being thin and having good willpower, but it's like I fail in other places of life...