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pickmyskininto… , 11 Aug 2013


My latest picking session took place last week... tues,wed,&thurs...since then i havent touched. except today i peeled off some scabs too soon..(KNEW that was a mistake so whyd I resist my instinct)??ugh. im just so obsessed with smooth skin.&i dug into a few ingrown hairs on other parts of my body. "Your first choice is always wisest to follow" -the fortune cookie i got yesterday. Lol very relevant. Always listen to your 1st instinct,its there to guide u. Any remedies for fast scab/mark healing?? i wont lie i have become a hoarder of products because of this so i may have already tried it but I'm fckn desperate, lol keeping busy is honestly key, be kept occupied all day long so that by the end of it ur too tired to spend time picking SLEEP ON IT If I spot somethin on myself and I'm triggered to pick, I will really try to tell myself to jus sleep on it and usually the next day I wake up OVER it.

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