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ashley , 03 Apr 2009

Picking stories

For some reason reading these forum postings make me laugh... I think it's just shocking and comforting to me that there are other people going through the same thing. So that got me to thinking, does anybody else have stories that are somewhat amusing (or at least not depressing)? Mine goes like this: When I was in middle school, I did marching band, and I had the same thumb picking problem I've always had, but I also randomly had this wart develop on my left hand left-most knuckle. So I start picking that for some reason, and I remember soo many times that thing would bleed, so I'd vow to stop, but then I'd get right back to picking it when it started healing. Well, to this day I still have my old white marching band gloves, and there's a tiny blood stain on the left-most knuckle. But the wart has long since disappeared! It's sort of amusing to me somehow. Does anybody else have funny or weird stories about their past picking failures or successes?
2 Answers
April 20, 2009
I tried giving up picking for lent a couple of times, but it never worked longer than a week.
April 22, 2009
I got remarried 1 1/2 years ago after a 19 year old bad marriage, and I have talked to my new hubby about my problem and recently went back into counseling. One night not too long after I discovered this site, my hubby and I were talking and he said "it's like the "Itchy and Scratchy" show! And the funny thing is that it was the first time i ever looked at myself like that and didn't get mad and lol'd with him and said that in it's own little weird way that I could lol with him about it and that it was ok. even though I have never done that with anyone else before because it didn't seem ok.

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