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sergeantmajor , 14 Aug 2013

My Story plus possible Alternative!

Well, I'm 15 years old. Ive been picking for as long as I can remember. But I dont chew my nails or pick the cuticle. No, I pick the skin on my palms and where my fingerprints were located. I have tried to stop several times. My family has bribed me to stop. But I cant. They dont understand, and neither did I. So I searched for answers, treatments, alternatives. Others like me. I read somewhere that you could use dog toys and teething rings. I tried it. Went to pet smart and bought me a "Nyla-flex" flexible dog chew toy. 5 bucks. I used it that first night and it worked. I still use it even today. It isn't a cure, and I get funny looks, but its a step closer to quiting. An alternative that works for me. I hope maybe others like me out there may find an alternative that works for them because I understand how frustrating it can be. I reckon that's all I needed to say, for now anyways. Thank you and good luck!

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