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KB , 15 Aug 2013

I don't know how to stop!

Hello. I have been picking my face ever since I can remember, my mum used to tell me to stop picking when I was a teenager, now my partner and friends have started to tell me off too. Most of the time I pick without realising (the trance-like picker) then my skin bleeds and I hate myself for doing it. I have had counselling in past for traumas that I experienced as a child so I don't think that the counselling route is right for me as this has been sorted. Has anybody tried hypnotherapy? Or is there anything else that anyone can recommend? Thank You.
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August 21, 2013
i dont know how much help this will be because im not a trance like picker and i have not tried any sort of therapy or counselling. but i do feel like i have overcome this horrible issue. basically, i began to pick at my breakouts because i felt like i needed to get it off my face because it was gross/ugly, without realising that what i was doing was actually much worse for both my appearance and self esteem. this lasted for two years, and basically inhibited every aspect of my life, my hsc, my job, my relationships, my confidence, my outlook on life etc. last week i really took a step back and realised how much it effects the people in my life when i pick. when i picked i would be an emotional wreck from the moment i picked until each scab healed. so this took weeks in some cases where i would lock myself in my room, missing social functions, friends birthdays, family dinners, schoolies, parties, shifts at work, dates with my boyfriend etc. my whole life would be put on hold and i felt anxious and terrible. it was realising this that has honestly got rid of any urge to pick. i havent had the urge to pick yet (even though i have had pimples which i would normally attack) and i feel as though if i do get the urge, i will think of my mum and the people who will be disappointed when i cancel plans or avoid seeing because my skin is too damaged. im not sure if this will be of any help but there is hope in over coming this. i cant really recommend anything for you to try in order to sort it out, but for me it was the simple fact that i dont want to hurt myself and the people in my life and realising that a few breakouts is nothing to be so anxious about. wishing you all the best.

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