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amgoingtochange , 18 Aug 2013

I have stopped

Just remembered about this forum. I joined two years ago and struggled really bad at the time picking everything. Just wanted to join to say I have stopped picking skin, except for squeezing the odd spot I have beaten it! Temptation still there in front of mirrors but I just don't cos I finally realised I was in control and making myself do it. Get rid of mirrors it is only thing that worked and stop putting stuff on skin, I stopped cleaning face at nite and it looks a million times better than it ever did. I just put on a bit of make up in morning and no cleansing products, just whatever I use in shower! Stop doing it, it is well worth it and I will never look back! By the way my skin picking was so severe. You have to decide to stop completely! My skin looks great and it does heal on its own eventually. I was out a fortune on products and now I buy nothing!,,, you wouldn't believe how good my skin looks! Good luck everyone xxx
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August 18, 2013
This gives me hope that I can stop for good too, thanks.
face picker
August 25, 2013
That's the most hopeful comment Ive heard since learning that this was a disorder called dermatillomania. Thanks and congrats. Ive reach an epiphany that we have maybe somehow unconsciously allowed this to get out of control. once we gain consciousness of the reality that this is a mental disorder then we can treat it as such. I just recently started meditating which I believe will be helpful with my newfound enlightenment on how to approach my issue. I had been zoned out and picking unconsciously often. I definitely feel armed and optimistic.

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