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April 03, 2009

i found that it helped to talk to my husband and a few other family members. it really helped to find a condition and relabel myself instead of "i cant stop and i dont know why" (with some tears of course cause deep down i really want to stop) research cuticle picking as much as possible. its helping me quite a bit. i am noticing more and more when i bite and pick. i am also starting to catch myself in trance mode (when u dont even realize until u finished chewing a huge piece of skin off the cuticle area) oh and i am ordering gloves for when i drive or watch tv. i am still biting and picking but at least i am more conscience of it. woohoo and i get myself to stop, most of the time. it is still really hard when i have a piece of skin calling me to get rid of it! whoo this is even helping me, thanx i really need to get this out.

April 04, 2009

I'm a scab picker. I do, although tis seems less common here, pick my nose. I think I always have. When I was younger I'd go for the skin around my nails. I remember my mother taking me to the doctor because I had removed the entire top layer of skin from on of my fingers. It was soft and red underneath. What I hate most is anything crusty on my skin, or I think that's what it is, but after I'm done picking when it grows back soft I still pick. I like to pick a lot. I told my English teacher, who has been seeing about having the school phych test me for anxiety, and this fits right on in. It's funny when I think about it. It was odd, but I feel good about it. There's one person who is kind of like a brother or wierd uncle to me that I really want to tell, but I'm too close to him currently, but its coming together.