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stopthepick , 20 Aug 2013

On the Right Path

Hey everyone I just discovered this site and finally found some peace in knowing what I have and that I'm not alone. I have been picking my skin for I don't know how long and I found a method that somewhat worked for me. It takes about 27 - 30 days to form a habit. So I made a goal to myself to not pick for a week and to keep adding a week until I got to 30 days. I used a calendar and marked off each day and it felt so good to see the marks on my calendar and not my skin!!!! I completed 20 days and felt great but have relapsed the past two days because of stress and I feel awful because all of that hard work I had done to improve myself. Im starting over again to challenge myself. For me getting on the right path was seeing my goal on a calender just like picking my skin and seeing the goal of getting rid of all the imperfections. I hope by posting this I have inspired someone to try a different method for stopping and getting on the right path.
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