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Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania

alex56 , 23 Aug 2013

small white-ish hairs on body easy to pull out??

ok so ive been picking everything on me from my scalp to my legs for over 10 years ( im 19 now) and for the past few months ive been getting into something similar but different., and i dont know what it is exactly im picking at. specifically, on the back of my thighs, my upper arms, my butt and occasionally my breasts i get these hairs. when i rub my skin lightly the opposite direction of hair growth, it feels like i shave and the hair is coming back in. but i have not shaved in most these spots. and i look closely at this little prickly things, and theres a white tip sticking out of the pore. sometimes there will be a long normal hair coming from the same pore as well, but most of the time not, because these arent places i have much hair. so i can either squeeze around these little white tips like a zit and they will pop out, or use tweezers and pull them out. ive looked closely, it looks like a very small hair (but white) and it has this thin layer of pretty much looks like what comes from a black head, but i am positive each is a small hair but with a clogged pore or something. but theres never any more stuff to squeeze out, they dont hurt at all tweezing them out, its like there not even really attached to my skin. wtf is this? its driving me crazy and there all over me.
6 Answers
August 10, 2014
I have the same thing! Mostly on my lower stpmach near my belly button and breasts. It doesnt hurt to pull them out or anything.
November 21, 2015

I have the exact same thing!! Did you ever find out about it? I want to get rid of it because it makes the area on my thighs, butt, and stomach very course. Just like you said- like I had just shaved. But I don't shave most of those areas. Any suggestions??

Bonnie Henderson
March 29, 2019

these posts are sold I'm hoping that you guys are still monitoring them so what is the deal I have similar symptoms if you call it that and I don't see any answers on here somebody help

April 20, 2019

Yes I have these too they showed up when I as about six they were on my upper arms and then my legs and the sides of my butt, the ones on my legs are like little red bumps that I can squeeze the white things and it doesn't hurt sometimes it does like it's breaking off a hair

April 20, 2019

I forgot to mention they show up on my Brests as well but they are further apart

June 08, 2020

I've noticed these the last few years. I think I finally know what it is. I just found something called trichostatis spinulosa. Pretty sure thats it.

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