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lulu11 , 24 Aug 2013

I need help before it gets worse.

I have spends hours researching on skin picking and thankfully, I came across this forum. It's great to know I'm not the only experiencing this problem. What's sad, its I never realized there was a problem with my picking until only a few years ago... but I guess better late than never? My main site to pick at is my lower abdomen area, I do it pretty much everyday and sometimes several times a day. Most of the time, it happens when I'm anxious but I also do it out of habit and without thinking. I do feel really good when I do it, especially when its the rough scratching and I bleed. In that area, there's now a large scar that's very ugly. The skin is hard with little bumps and brownish in color, different from the color of the skin surrounding it. I hate when I go to the beach, because now I have to cover it up since its gotten worse over the years. It started with a rash I had when I was a teenager that I got from a belt I used to wear which had nickel in it; I have a nickel allergy. I was given a cream to take for the itching by my pediatrician which soothe it and got rid of the redness but the itching never went away and I just continued picking at it since then. I'm also a habitual picker of pimples on my face and ALL over my body....whiteheads, blackheads, any head, lol. ( I also started picking at my toe nails recently, breaking them and touching them a lot. ) At times I even sit on the toilet seat and examine my body from top to bottom to see where there's a pimple I can pick at. And the pimple picking has been from an early age, which I always thought was normal - "oh everyone picks their pimples blah blah". But of course now I know better.. I've also suffered from several traumatic events during my childhood/teenage years and don't have the best relationship with my parents, among other things... which all comes together in asking myself a lot questions and wanting some answers.. From reading and educating myself, it looks like I come closest to having ' Neurotic Excoriation ' although of course, I can't self-diagnose myself... but its nice to have some sort of explanation to this horrible habit that I can't seem to get rid of. I just know I have to stop before it gets worse... starting with my problem area on the abdomen especially, its getting ugly, it already looks like I'll have permanent scarring, and I don't want to get a serious infection. :( Thank you all for reading this!
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August 25, 2013
i found this site two weeks ago. havent picked since. you can do it too! all the best xx

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