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funkythumbs , 04 Apr 2009

Beau's Lines

I am wondering if anyone has had their fingernails grow in with ridges. I have had this on both of my thumbs for several years, and its getting worse. At first I thought it was a nutritional deficiency, but then I realized it was probably from the years of violent picking of the skin on my thumbs---the skin around my thumbs are beyond calloused, and have lost some of the knuckle lines.. I know that Beau's lines can be the result of trauma--so I am wondering if dermatillomania constitutes "trauma." Its more of a low grade chronic trauma, but its trauma nonetheless... ?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...
1 Answer
April 27, 2009
I have ridges too, on both thumbs. It took something like 20 years of picking for it to start. I'm pretty sure specifically picking at the cuticle is what causes that "trauma". I'm really trying to control myself, hoping my nails will return to normal and I have seen the ridges reduce when I can keep from picking at my thumbs for a while, but I do worry that the damage might be permanent.

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