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AnmanB , 26 Aug 2013

Huge Scar Wound From Pimple

I have this giant scar wound just above the eyebrows in the center, making it look like a third eye. I obtained this because 2 days before my highschool started, a giant pimple just popped out of nowhere in that location. I didn't pop it because I figured it would make matters worse, so instead I just used home remedies such as toothpaste over night and ice to stop the redness. At the end I'm left with a red spot that's a little bit bigger than a pencil eraser. I've spent the past week trying to get it off, it looks like a third eye! I'm getting so stressed and I'm too embarrassed to talk to someone by looking them in the eye. I can tell people look at it and some of my friends even mention it. I've been putting neosporin and other acne treatments as well, but I feel the neosporin is barely helping. I read calamine lotion would help in this situation from this forum. But anyways, I really need your guys help, school is up again tomorrow, and I want to make sure this thing isn't on my face for the next month. It just won't leave!
2 Answers
August 26, 2013
what kind of wound is it? like a scab? or deep scar? i know how stressful it is. its rude of people to mention it but just remind yourself it wont be there forever! x

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