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Rigel , 27 Aug 2013

Is this dermatillomania or just me being dramatic?

I'm honestly not sure if I have this or not. I do pick, scratch, and bite a bit (face, fingers, shoulders, neck, back, before and after school, when I am bored, stressed, anxious, and occasionally I don't realize it but usually do) but I'm not sure if I pick enough to consider having it or if I'm just being dramatic and self diagnosing. I'm just sort of unsure about if I should talk to someone face to face for help or how to help myself if I even need help but I'm not sure? I guess I should see if someone will/can (?) diagnose me, but it's a little embarrassing and I don't trust people easily. I'm not quite sure what to do, sorry about being so unclear.
5 Answers
August 27, 2013
You might just be on the normal scale of picking now , but possibly later down the road it could get worse if you continue . Please stop before it gets worse trust me i know what im talking about , iv done this since i was about 2 or 3 and im 21 now ... :|
August 31, 2013
I'm 31 and have been picking since I was a kid. I know I went through phases of lots of picking and less picking. I pick my head (scalp), bumps I find on my skin, nails, toes, nose. I pick my lips and chew the insides of my cheeks, especially if in the night I loosened some skin there. I have never been diagnosed with ocd or dermitilomania, I've never gone to the doctor for it. I don't talk about it and I try to hide my picks. I'm actively seeking treatment now because it has occurred to me that I'm not hiding it well. Also I'm sick of having open wounds on my body regardless of why I put them there. I look at other people, especially their hands, when I ride the subway and I see they all look normal. I pick without thinking, for example i just picked while i was rereading this post.If I were in your position, I'd at least consider keeping some sort of pick journal so you can track your behavior before it gets control of you.
September 04, 2013
The situation and the condition can be any. It may or may not be happen that one can be dramatic and it may also happen that it could be dermatillomania.
September 05, 2013
Stay on this site! It has helped me so much. I have been scratching more but picking less so that is a plus because I was so tired of the ugliness on my face. We are beautiful. Keep hands of face! I'm here for you
September 18, 2013
It may also happen that it could be dermatillomania. ______________________________ Wonder woman has already received another sexy cats costumes change.

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