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mandy88 , 31 Aug 2013

Started @young age skin around nail picking,cheak bitting,head rubbing and face,leg and arm picking

At a very young age I started picking the skin around my finger nails. I did it all the time but mostly when I was at school or just bored. I would pick so bad that my finger would bleed and hurt but I never stoped. In 6th grade I used to wish that I could just be normal and have pretty nails. I'm 25 now and still doing it but I know when to stop or not pick as bad. I let them heal for a lil while then when the skin grows back I pick againIn 7th grade I started bitting the inside of my cheak and under lip. I mostly did this in class.Only a handful of times did I ever make my mouth bleed. to this day I still catch myself doing it several times a week. I look quit weird when doing it so I stop myself when I am around people. Ever since a teen I have LOVED to pop my pimples. I would stand infront of the mirror for anywhere between 10mins to an hour. my family always got on me I just was so in love with the sight of seeing stuff come out. I would get very exited when I would squeez them and a lot would come out. My favorite ones where the hard round ones,the thick ones and the ones that just kept going and going. My all time favorite one was the ones that would barley come out,I would squeez harder than it would pop and a hard one would follow. I once used proactive and it cleard my skin but I stoped it bc I wanted pimples to squeez. To this day I pop and squeez atleast 5 times a day. Everytime I go to the bathroom I have to stop and look and I have to find atleast one to squeez. At home I stand there for atleast 10 mins everytime I go to the bathroom. I try not do it too much once when Im at a friends house. Now here is when it got WORSE. a couple years ago I was outside on a hot day waiting for someone. I was so bored. I noticed a bump on my arm . I squeezed it and low and behold a white head emerged. so I found another then another. I had about 6 places now on my right arm that I picked at and enjoyed. It just looked like a bug bite. but then after days of squeezing it,it needed to heal. So I found more to pick then I moved to my left arm. it was such a stress releaver and it passes the time. I woupd only pick my upper arms. I just got so much joy out of seeing them pop and surface just as I felt with my face. My arms began to look aweful. full of red marjs,bruises and bumps. people would constantly ask me what was wrong with my arms and I just said it was an illergic reaction. so i started wearing longer sleaves. Then I started picking at my upper legs and feeling the same as I did with my arms and face. but my.legs dont look as bad and I dont pick there as bad bc it hurts more there. Then I started finding lil white bumps on my niples. I've got about 5 places I squezz on there. I also found some in my private area and I love those bc they are thick or a clear,hard lil ball. Sometimes I find lil ones on my hips and stomach that I also pop. Then I got a dry scalp and I started rubbing my head. I will sit and rub my finger through until my nails catch a lil hard crusty piece or a lil white ball. I often to that out of bordom. The best time to find new onea is after my hair dries. I onced used special shampoo to clear it up but stoped using it bc I liked rubbing. I will sit for hours and do it. Friends ask what I am doing and I tell them I'm untangling my hair. To this day I still do all of these. I feel like I am crazy and I've never been diagnosed with OCD or anything crazy. Its like an addiction for me. Most days I look forward to doing this. when I'm with friends I stop myself but then I cant wait to go home to do it. I'm glad I am not the only one and thank you.

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