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mandy88 , 31 Aug 2013

Am I the only one that caughs up thick Mucus,plays with it,lets it dry and play again with it?

This is worse than my skin picking. It is gross but I do it anyway in private. (Please not I always wash my hands after doing so) Every morning I caugh up a thick mucus that is clear. I'll examine it and roll it around with fingers. Then I put it somewhere to dry a lil. a few hours later I'll play with it more by rolling it around between my fingers and stretching it out. Then I'll it dry some more. Later that night it will be rock hard. I'll play with it again the same way until It starts to crumble. I'll pick one peice fo continue to play with and save the rest. I'll take it with me and keep it tucked in my finger nail. I'll play with it until I drop it or it crumbles all the way apart. Then I play with the other peices until they are all gone. I think this is more thing I'm obssesd with and is related to my body picking.
4 Answers
September 06, 2013
Mandy Sorry. I am trying to figure out how to deleate it right now

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