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anon555 , 31 Aug 2013

It hurts, but i can't stop

I have been picking at the tips of my fingers and toes, as well my lips for years. I used to think it was only me. I seriously can't stop picking, and i always get like a itch or something that makes me pick. I have tried to tell my parents about it, but i don't think they want to believe it, because i already have Type 1 diabetes and i think that it's too much for them to handle. What should i do? I have no clue?
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September 02, 2013
I wish I knew. I pick also. Mainly my lips but more recently the tops of my legs also. Resulting in scabs that never heal. It is causing me great distress, and I just cannot stop doing it. I even told the mental health nurse about it that I saw once who assessed me and said that it was perfectly normal and a form of self soothing ?!! But it is hardly soothing. It causes me great anxiety and obviously pain and soreness when the lips/skin bleed.

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