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mandy88 , 01 Sep 2013

Who else picks or rubs when they are bored or stressed?

I pick my whole body,mainly my arms when I'm sitting around bored or stresses. I also rub my head when I am bored and habve always picked the skin around my nails.
3 Answers
September 02, 2013
Yup.. I do. I chew the inside of my lips, picking the skin with my teeth and sometimes picking with my fingers until it actually bleeds. :-( I then cover with cream to soothe it.. I joined this evening after looking it up online, after coming home from a training session for work and the realisation that I have damaged quite a lot of my inside lip by chewing it throughout the day. :-( I need help to stop this and some understanding as to why I do it.
September 02, 2013
Mandy I've picked the skin around my nails since I was little. I used to do it so bad mine would bleed and look nasty. I stop for short periods but once they heal I'm like oh yeah more to pick!!! wish I knew how to stop. Even when I'm txting or what not I am still trying some ways to pick
September 03, 2013
Mandy I was amazed when I came accros this site. Happy to know that I am not the only one. This all is like an addiction to me and I've done some of these ever since I can remember. I wish I knew how to quit. I can go a few weeks without doing it. but after I heal up I'm more proned to do it again bc now I have more to pick on.

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