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hny , 02 Sep 2013

is there anyone who could stop picking skin after some years?

i really need a help!!!! i cant stop picking my leg, arms, even chest... i ruined my skin totally... even i can't figure out why i do it! I've been doing it about 7 years... i'm exhausted of that hatefuuuuul habit & really don't know how to stop it... i'm getting hopeless... last night i decided to not doing it for 24 hours...but this night i PICKED badlyyyy...I NEED SOME ONE TO HELP Me:((
1 Answer
September 06, 2013
I have just joined this forum but if you will notice, I have been picking for at least 60yrs. You can figure out how scarred I must be. You have taken a very good 1st step by joining this forum but may need to get professional help also. I wish you luck and stay with us so you arent a picker for a lifetime.

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