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bumble_bee , 09 Sep 2013

A friend in need

I thought I would start a new post for current visitors and new visitors to the site. I'm brand new to the site, and my heart goes out to everyone that has shared their stories and has sought help for skin picking disorders. I am 20 and am currently struggling with chronic skin picking. My purpose for this post is to provide support as well as seek support. I have very mild acne, but can make big wounds out of virtually the smallest bump or pimple. I have only ever had trouble with my face, squeezing, picking, scraping, but recently have started on my upper arms and thighs. I think this is because I haven't been looking in mirrors to examine my face as much as I usually do. There are none in my bathroom or bedroom right now, and because I am trying so hard not to examine my face and pick or squeeze, I am looking for other visible bumps to squeeze and pick at. Even though the mirrors are down however and I haven't been wearing makeup, I still feel my face for bumps, and have gone in my parents' room and popped small pimples or picked off dry skin from healing wounds. My spiel: After a long, unproductive summer, I moved into my first apartment and prepared for my junior year in college as a transfer student. A couple days into the semester, and I was having my second anxiety attack and damaging spots on my face perhaps the worst I had ever or in a very long time. Now, I am home again trying to get the help I need. I suffer from depression and anxiety as well, and just want to feel better! My mom actually researched and found the term 'dermatillomania' and it helped to know I was not so alone. I have a few close people to me that are doing all that they can to help me, but I can't help but feeling ugly and like I will never be able to beat this. So anyway, I'm here for anyone that needs me, and I would like to know that I'm really not alone. I want to live my life and feel passionate about the things I love. I want to feel beautiful and carefree. Now, despite the medications and therapy, I'm still obsessing over my skin, and feel rather dull and hopeless. Sincerely, Bee

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