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gregcosta95 , 10 Sep 2013


Hello i find my self picking at my finger nails and toe nails and even the skin around it till it starts to hurt or bleed i have been doing this for years and seems to be getting far worse i cant seem to stop i know i have a problem but i find my self just doing it and i really want to stop can anyone help me out?
1 Answer
September 19, 2013
Hi... My ex-husband used to do this... and as strange as it sounds, our 8-year old son does it as well - even though he doesn't live with his dad and has never seen him do it. In a lot of cases, skin picking (and similar issues, like yours) stem from anxiety and/or avoidance. Do you find yourself doing this at a certain time everyday or during a certain activity (watching TV, etc.)?

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