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skreed29 , 14 Sep 2013

Hello everyone

My name is sarah. I used to post here, a little over a year ago. I have had issues with picking at myself since i was like 10. Im 19 now. My senior year of high school it got the worst it ever was and with support in this forum i was able to seriously quit picking for the most part for about 3 months. Since then, over the past several months it has started back up and recently has gotten out of control. Idk how active this forum is these days, but i really hope there is someone here who can help and/or support me. I really need to overcome this because its destroying my life. The cycle for me is that i pick at my breakouts, then they flatten and scab, then after 5 days or so i break out again in all the same places. And also a few more spot pop up around the areas. The acne would be very minimal and easy to treat without the picking. Usually its just my face but lately i have been picking at my chest too. Im gonna come on here and post whenever i start getting anxious about my skin. It worked for me before. Trying to take it day by day. I try to remind myself that if i am not picking, my skin is healing. Even if it looks like a mess it is getting closer to being healed. I know how horrible it is to pick but its somehow irresistable.
2 Answers
September 15, 2013
You are on the right path. THis forum has helped me tremendously. I stopped picking for a week or two and my skin was getting better. Don't get discouraged if you pick in your sleep or when your not even in the mirror. You can change that too. We can find a way. Maybe if we have to keep a new pillow or stuffed animal or something beside us to hold it will help the anxiety. I just picked the other day because really bad because I was scared to see my ex boyfriend and that he didn't want to see me. But picking made me look worse and I have GOT TO STOP all the way!!!! This forum will continue to give me the strength and I thank you for all being so honest and open about your anxiety and depression with this. I am 25 and can be beautiful. I just have to start loving myself from the inside out and I'm working on it.
September 15, 2013
Hi Sarah, I'm a lot like you. I'm 20 and my picking has been the worst the last couple years. The way you describe your acne is so similar to mine! If we just left it alone, we would really have nice skin. I know how you feel though, it's so hard to just leave it alone. I've been doing a little bit better lately, not looking in mirrors so much, but the last couple of days I have popped a couple small pimples. We can beat this, I know we can. Don't be too hard on yourself and stay strong. ~Bee

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