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nayrspay , 15 Sep 2013

Picked Nipples

I usually don't pick on my nipples, but once there was a montgomery tubercle that was bigger than normal. I picked on it, and it went through a phase of being damaged/scared now it's normal but it looks as though that specific tubercle is bigger than normal. Is this part of the healing process or will it continue to be that big forever? I was wondering if anyone knew how to speed up the healing process or tell me what I could do to get it to heal?
2 Answers
September 17, 2013
Time, and I know thats the last thing you want to hear! I get it 100%, but if theres one area I would avoid (from experience) its nipples. Trust me in the long run, you will regret it. I would advise moisturizing, one of my favorite products is DermaE's tea tree and vitamin E cream. But also try to avoid it, if you want to check on it, or "help" it think about how every time you try and move the process along, pick a scab, it gets worse. Sometimes infected. Ive convinced myself, "maybe this time, it will help" yet instead Im left with a red mark and the healing process takes 3X as long. Gosh i get it, the solution is not a product. Im always searching for that one thing that will cure me... I have spent over a decade doing that and there is no such thing. There is no cure-all product, because I can find anything to pick. Theres more to it than imperfect skin.
September 19, 2013
Agreed! Try with all your energy not to do it again in that area. I did the same thing once (in relation to a plugged duct due to breastfeeding). It took weeks, maybe even two months, for the pain to subside and for it to heal. I learned my lesson. My tubercle is a little bigger than the others and stayed a lighter colour - it's hard to say what will happen with yours. I just kept it clean and moisturized. I actually used nipple ointment (it's made for breastfeeding mothers but has the same texture as Vaseline).

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