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christi.1718 , 21 Sep 2013


Hello, I'm Christina. I'm 20 years old and I've always picked at my skin. It's only around my finger nails and my lips but it's enough to make me crazy after I'm done. It seems like I only do it in stressful situations and I've gotten better about picking at my lips. When I feel the urge to pick at my lips I put chapstick or lipgloss on to prevent it. I also hate the feeling of anything greasy and sticky on my fingers which is why I don't pick at my lips while wearing chapstick/lipgloss. But I haven't had much luck with finding a way to prevent me from picking at my fingers. I will admit that I have problems with anxiety and I'm constantly worried about something but when it comes to having an anxiety attack is when I start picking till I bleed. I just had to stop myself from picking a little bit ago and my fingers and thumbs are sore and bloody now. I'm ashamed of myself. I never really thought about trying to find other people with the same problem or finding help with this issue because I've always been embarrassed by it. But I'm glad I found this website. I'm hoping you guys will have some wonderful advice for me. The only thing I've found so far is to keep a journal of when I feel anxiety or other negative emotions and to make note of when I pick so then I am more conscious of it and can possibly prevent it. Has anyone else tried this?

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