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sallyann48 , 21 Sep 2013

My first post

I'm 65... had a problem with picking my whole life, but this past 3-4 years it has been extreme. I have a 2 sores on my chin right next to my lip that are open wounds right now, both about 1/4 inch square, I'll get them almost healed up, and then they'll start to curl on the edges, and I start to pick... then here we go again. I'm allergic to Neosporin, and I go to bed most every night with some combination of Biafine, Mupirocin, Aloe, Vaseline, and bandages, but I just can't seem to get the vicious cycle of almost healed to picking to bloody to open wound to be over. I read in the forum that Calamine lotion is a good treatment, so I'm going to try that next. I'm so glad I found this forum, because this isn't something I can really talk to my family about. They all know because they aren't blind, but they think I should just STOP the picking. They just don't understand. I'm so tired of being embarassed to go out in public and be continually worried that my makeup is going to wear away in that spot when I eat, or if I laugh too much, the wound will split open. I'm going to try hard to pay attention to what's on my mind when I start picking to see if I can figure what's driving me to do it. I just know I need help.
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September 24, 2013
Hi there! I am sorry to hear about your struggle with picking. Like you, I too have experienced exactly what you are going through. My suggestion would be to see your doctor to discuss what you're going through. At that time, he/she could suggest some counselling and could also provide some kind of healing ointment for your wounds. It's a good idea to let someone know about your picking. So many of us keep this so private, but we absolutely need the support and encouragement in order to cure this disorder. Best of luck to you! :)
September 25, 2013

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Hi there back, and thank you for writing back. I was wondering if anyone was out there... I do think, dream really, of talking to a doctor about this, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I almost get physiicallly ill thinking about it. The thought of actually talking about this problem out loud with someone in person makes my heart race and brings me to tears. I'm in tears just writing this. I'm at my wit's end and I don't know where to turn. I just wish there was a magic potion I could take that would make me wake up with my sores healed for good and the desire to pick gone, or a hypnotist who could make it all go away with the snap of his fingers. But I guess if that was true there wouldn't be a need for this forum.

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