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PikturePerfect , 23 Sep 2013

Has anyone ever stopped picking or is this forever?

38 yrs of picking and still going... I have done so much personal growth work around this many areas of my life. It is like I am two different people. People describe me as happy, outgoing, fun and positive, but I have silently and not so silently suffered for to many years and I relate to every story. I am really curious if there is a cure? Are there any documented cases of no more CSD/BDD (et all)..., signs or symptoms. I feel like I am ready to check myself into a hospital.
2 Answers
September 24, 2013
Hi there! Your story sounds exactly like mine. I don't think that anybody in my life would have guessed that I continually and obsessively pick my skin! Argh... Even at 42 years old, I struggle daily with either fighting the urge - or picking - or healing. On the outside, I can hide my wounds/scars fairly well with make-up and can put on a brave, out-going front while on the inside I am slowly dying. Back in 2008, I did have my husband take me to the hospital. After many nights without sleep and being overwhelmed with the picking...we went. Although, at the time I was not honest with him and even ended up being too embarrassed to tell the doctor. Crazy right? Fast forward to today and just last year I finally told my husband and doctor about this horrible habit. They have both been understanding...although I still haven't figured out a total cure. The closest to "normal" that I have experienced is finding a good skincare routine (Garnier Pure Control line), use non-comedogenic make-up and regularly practicing yoga/meditation. There are very likely many people out there that have won this battle though. I think that so much of it is a mental challenge, so that's what has to be a sincere focus in order to be cured of this disorder. Best of luck! We can do it! :)
October 03, 2013
Hey! Just wanted to say that it IS possible to stop this....I stopped for almost a full year. I had a crash and am back at square 1 now....but I know it is possible to stop. I was working out on a regular basis and made sure I was rarely home so that I could avoid being infront of the mirror by myself. I'd go to work, go to the gym, go home and would be so tired I'd just wash my face and go to bed. It was great. I was also on minocycline, which helped my acne, so that helped with the picking habits also. WE CAN STOP THIS!!! But it's an uphill battle. Don't lose your hope.

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