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SayNoToPicking , 25 Sep 2013

Picking Diary- For Everyone.

Hello everyone, This is my story. I am a 15 year old girl from Australia. I am turning 16 next year in January. I have been picking ever since I was 13. This is how it started. After school I told my friend at the park that there was a lot of red pimples on my forehead. I knew that they won't visible. Then she said that didn't your mum teach you how to pick your pimples? I said no thats wrong you should leave them alone. She tricked me. I knew she was jealous of my skin. She started to pick my pimples. It hurted a lot. Thats the first and the last time she ever did that. She was only 12. She is 6 months younger than me. Ever since that day I have been picking. At 13 I hardly picked. But once I turned 14 it got worse. Now at 15 its just sad and horrible. We are still friends till this day. Her skin is really good. Don't get me wrong shes an amazing friend. She admitted her mistake and said sorry, She has a boyfriend. We are bestfriends. Its getting to the point where I don't want to go out anywhere. In a few hours I have to go to the hairdressers to get my hair cut. I am worried that the hairdressers will ask me if I have acne or worse they might say whats wrong with your face? I don't have acne at all. If I have to, I tell people I do. I create the pimples. I feel my face for pimples that aren't even there. Once I pick my skin. When the white head comes out. I get happy for like a second. Then I cry or get angry. I am so silly. I feel ugly. All my friends are getting boyfriends now.I don't think a boy would like me. I'm scared if I go somewhere people will laugh at me or talk behind my back. My skin isn't that bad at all but its pretty bad. I have eczema too. So I itch as well and pick and pop my pimples, red bumps, black heads, in grown hairs, split ends and white heads. Is anyone else like this? I am stopping right now this second. I am not waiting till tomorrow. I know I have said this before and always failed and gave in to picking. But this time no more, the change starts now! Please feel free to type up your own picking and/or scratching diary if you feel comfortable with doing so. In your spare time maybe. We can work through this together and we will be happy and become friends. Lets do this together. I know you can do it! I will give you advice if you need it. I never, ever judge people. Have fun and be happy. Remember YOLO (You only live once). Tips: 1. Don't pick your pimples! 2. Don't scratch your skin! 3.Try wearing gloves all the time. 4. Cut your nails of. 5. Use stress balls. 6. Pop bubble wrap. 7. Talk to me about it. 8. Tie your hair up (All the time) 9. Get more sleep. 10. Go to the doctors. 11. Eat healthy. 12. Do exercise. 13. Don't wear fake nails.

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