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J0Frisky , 27 Sep 2013

My Story- I hope this helps others

Hi, am 50 years old, in menopause, have had depression off/on all my life. I had childhood trauma, and I do not handle stress well. I have high cholesterol, and high uric acid levels. I have tophi, caused by these conditions. I actually pulled a crystal from my skin, from one of the tophi. I have patches of white flakes that look like calcium deposits all over my inner thighs and ankles/feet. I picked some off and have left me with sores I cannot leave alone. I also have the acne I describe as a rubber ball thing with a fleshy root. My job stresses me. I also eats a lot of sugar packed foods and high carb diet. I believe in the yeast theory. But it is so hard for me to give up sugars. My sugar level drops to 75 and I have bad hypoglycemic reactions. I have physical and psychological reasons for picking and scratching. My anxiety issues began this last year and now take meds for anxiety. I think menopause brought this on. I do find myself scratching and picking at work unaware of it, until I start bleeding. I pick all evening long when I am home. I hate going out in public, people act strangely around me, like I have a plague. It is so hard to conceal. I only started picking about 2 years ago with the onset of high uric acid levels. I think my physical conditions triggered my picking and my anxiety has caused it to become permanent. That is unless I find myself a cure. I am covered with sores from head to toe. It was futile going to a dermatologist, she took one look and said I am a picker. She did nothing at all except give me ointment to help it heal faster. I am so disappointed in doctors. I am taking Lexapro which is supposed to stop people from picking, but I am picking worse now than before. Hopefully this forum will help each other in finding our own personal cures. We do each have different scenarios. Thanks for sharing everyone!

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