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SayNoToPicking , 01 Oct 2013

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My old account On May 6th, 2013 ishouldstoppick... said: I have the same problem. Tell yourself that if I pick my pimple, bumb, or just my skin it will lead to a scab. So I shouldn't pick my smooth skin in the first place so I don't get big really noticible black and brown scabs that are hard and look ugly and once picked lead to scars that stay there forever. Don't think about it and hide all your mirrors and keep away from lights especially bright ones. Keep your mind thinking with study, books, shopping with friends really helps, friends, family, write a book, write a song, singing helps, talking helps. Try counselling, therapy or just telling your family about itr or your friends. Try websites like, beyond blue, reach out and kids helpline or call them up. Do a 30 day skin picking challenge. I know this may effect you but the idea behind all this is for you to stop picking so flip through magazines and say I can be prettier then you, you just wait a month for my scabs to go because I will not be defeated. Look at disturbing pictures or people that pick their own special skin that is a part of you on google images type skin picking, or picked pimples, back pimples picked or something like that. Scare yourself out of picking. tell yourself I only have ten scabs not 30 like them I will not poick and let myself sink that low I don't want to end up like them. Print out pictures of people with clear skin and pictures of you with clear skin and keep them in your pocket and when ever you feel like picking take them out of your pocket and look at them and think this is my goal and I will acheive it and I will not let my self down and piuck when I know i am beautiful on the inside and I want to wait for my scabs to heal naturally and then be beautiuful on the outside so I can boost myself esteem and confidence. Think how pretty you'd look if you didn't pick your scabs wait a few months or weeks and they will come of by themselves please trust me don't touch them please I'm begging you, you do not want scars like me please don't do it. Do not cover them with make up the make up will go into your sacbs and make them worse and it could get infected. Go out in public with your scars and count how many people stare and look at their faces that don't have scabs it will remind you that if they can do it why can't I!? First step cut of all your nails I don't care how long they are or what record your trying to break please its for your benefit. If you don't want to cut, file or clip them then just don't use then for picking, ripping your skin or squeezing your pimples or red bumbs or even your swores. Use acrylic nails but first cut your nails before putting them on then pick a design you like then put gloves over your acrylic nails. First wear gloves everywhere you go and say to yourself that the gloves are attached to your hands and act like the gloves are your hand. Put a rubber band on your wrist and everytime you want to pick your 10 huge scabs or anyother blemishes, pimples, white heads, black heads which I have never squeezed :), cuticles which I have never picked :), scabs or even scars which hardly anyone picks I don't pick them or your scar will just bleed and then form a huge scar and then if you pick that well. Then at the thought of piucking your 10 scabs look at your rubber band and remind yourself that I put this rubber band on my wrist to remind myself not to pick and if I can't remind myself Then you should pull the rubberband and warning this may leave red marks on your skin but its better then scars the don't go away after picking scabs, right!? Tell yourself if you don't pick for one year you will get a billion dollars and then fter one year tell yourself you will win the lotto and enter the lotto. Imagine winning the lotto! and then having bad skin and all this money for nice clothes when you just have to cover yourself up! P.S How old are you? I'm 15 years old and I'm a girl and I want to live my teenage years because I know they will never ever come back and YOLO and we can all do this together we just have to try. :) peace out, thx for posting please keep posting lets be friends :)

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