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prone2badskin , 07 Oct 2013

Weird Pimple Turned wound that wont heal!

Had this really huge pimple on my forehead really big white head. Popped it (i know this is a bad habit actively trying to stop), and it turned into a wound as usual. Usually it would turn into a wound and then eventually a scar which I would use bio oil to get rid of. But its not getting to the scarring stage and this was at the beginning of the year! Its like a scab with stuff underneath. When I pick at the scab to help it get to the scarring stage it just forms again. Its kind of protrudes out of my actual skin as well and its really messed up. Help?
1 Answer
October 07, 2013
Hi There Prone2badskin, I know exactly what you're going through...I used to pick at spots and they would usually scab up over night, and then heal in a few days (if I didn't pick). However, I had two large spots on both cheeks that would absolutely not heal no matter what I did! I tried antibiotic ointment but I think that caused more pimples. I tried the whole "keep it moist" regiment, but it really made things worse for me. I have found that the best thing is to keep it dry. Try rubbing alcohol, calamine lotion, and maybe some zinc. I haven't tried using topical zinc, but I've heard that it heals wounds super fast (zinc is an ingredient in calamine lotion too.) Rubbing alcohol burns something fierce...but it really works. I hope this helps and hang in there, I'm in the process of trying to heal all my spots too.

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