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pseudo , 09 Oct 2013

1 day challenge

New user here. I used to be able to go a day or two without picking... Now that I'm in college, it's gotten really bad. I'm not sure I can even resist picking for a day, but I'll definitely try! The thing is, I used to wear gloves and cover mirrors when I was at home, and that would help a lot. But now I can't do either because I'm constantly surrounded by people who would think it's strange if I wore gloves, and I have to share a mirror. I might try a fidget toy to make this work. Anyway, Day 1 of no picking hopefully starting now! (It's 11:33 PM, might as well start now :P) Promise to let you know how it went tomorrow at around the same time.
3 Answers
October 10, 2013
hey girl! I just started a 30 day challenge. I think we could help each other get through it. The day I decided to do a 30 challenge I found out my grandpa died and my other grandpa had a heart attack...ON THE SAME DAY. Usually this would make me pick as I'd want to feel something other than being sad but I decided not to because I committed to this. I think you're actually in a really good situation because you are sharing a mirror you won't be as tempted to stay in the bathroom for hours because there are roommates there. I know how hard it can be. Anyway, let me know how it went! Maya
October 11, 2013
Hey! I thought I'd comment too since I just joined yesterday. I never even considered the fact that I might have a skin picking problem until coming on here yesterday looking for help with acne scars and reading the forums. I'm gonna try to stop too so we can all help each other! Something that I do sometimes to resist picking at my face is paint my nails when I feel the urge. You won't want to pick at your face while your nails are drying or once they're painted cause you'll ruin them. haha it sounds stupid but hey sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And I honestly don't think other girls will care if you wear gloves if you explain to them why you do it. Alot of them will probably laugh but think it's a good idea! I think more people than you realize deal with the same issue and if they don't, they'll just think it's funny and ya'll will laugh about it! But I hope it's going well so far!! :)

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