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nachtmaher , 08 Apr 2009

coming out to my boyfriend/wearing short sleeves in public

He is very caring and I really want his support on this. I'm afraid to tell him, though, as with most people. He's seen my arms a few times and still he tells me I'm beautiful. How can I get over my social anxiety and enjoy short sleeves? What's the best way to tell someone without freaking them out?
2 Answers
April 09, 2009
3 days ago my live in boyfriend of 8 years told me I had to stop picking.... He said I have done it since we met but it's gotten worse late. My point is, I bet your guy already knows. My guy had never said anything serious until the other day abou it.
April 10, 2009

In reply to by vine88

You know, I think even if he knows, it's still hard to actually tell someone, not just leave it. Telling meaning acceptance of the issue and trust to the person.

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