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lydiahickman , 11 Oct 2013

Heal open wounds and acne bumps

Hey guys! So disclaimer, I am in no way saying that what I'm about to share with ya'll is the best way or the "correct" way to deal with these skin issues, but I just thought I'd share some things that have been working for me. So first off, how to heal open wounds on your face. If you're a skin picker and get occasional breakouts on your face, like I do, you've probably picked a little too deep into your skin to pop a zit that wasn't ready to be popped and been left with a gash that wouldn't cover up with makeup. These are literally so frustrating because the texture of your skin looks awful and there's no way to cover it up. So, yesterday my mom bought me this stuff which I'm sure many of you guys have seen before, the Jasons Vitamin E 45,000 I.U. pure natural skin oil. yall, I kid you not I've been reapplying it every couple hours and over night and the wound has completely covered over. It still looks red and hasn't completely scabbed but it's easy to cover up now and doesn't look like i have a hole in my face. I'll keep you updated if you want on how it looks tomorrow and in days to come but as of now it's probably almost half the size it was yesterday and much less inflamed. (P.S. I got this product from Whole Foods but I feel like it's pretty easily accessible at a bunch of places and online!!) Secondly, this is just something I've been doing recently that 'd recommend trying out. It works really well for me. So sometimes when I've been picking at an active pimple and it's just looking super irritated and I couldn't pop it so just gross in general, I put neosporin on it, yes even when it's still an active acne bump, leave it during the day and sometimes over night and it calms it down, takes care of the dryness, and honestly looks like it reduces the size of the bump to me. I don't do this for every pimple, but I did it this morning to a zit and it's 9:00 PM now and the bump is so much smaller and alot less inflamed. So I just thought I'd share these little bit of info with ya'll because I know how frustrating it is to feel like you don't know where else to go from where you're at. Sometimes it honestly helps me stop picking at my face if I can get a plan of action together if that makes sense. Like I need to have a plan for what I'm going to try next or else I'll just keep messing with my face. And sometimes all your face really needs is a break to just calm down and it'll begin to heal. Let me know if these things work for you!! I would seriously love to know!
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October 12, 2013
Thanks there was some really good advice in your post - I'll definitely be trying all your tips :-) I am so determined to stop skin picking and will try anything that helps! Good luck with your skin picking, we can all beat this!

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