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emily985 , 18 Oct 2013

picking is changing my whole life

My names Emily, 20, from Louisiana. When I was a little kid, I always had Indian Fire.. being allegric to mosquito led any bites to swell and leave sores all over my body. I would pick at them CONSTANTLY even though I knew theyd scar easier by me doing so. I have always stressed easily. I lost my fiance at age 17 after having moved so much because of my parents going back and forth. I started picking at my arms and feet.. leaving sores. I never thought too much of it, just a habit. Until I started to pick at my scalp. I pick at any little thing I feel should not be there or doesnt feel right. I often bleed after picking, & that seems to satisfy me. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and also a personality disorder, and I am somewhat OCD. Is this some kind of ocd disorder? Im unsure if I should seek professional help.
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October 18, 2013
I also bite the sides of my mouth daily, but my picking is worse. My fiance now is getting fed up with my picking. I cant stop!
October 20, 2013

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my picking reduced enormously after cutting on the sugar, taking alot of natural foods for lowering the adrenaline, cortisol, and radicals in the body, meaning lowering the anxiety, and what also helped was that I realized what gives strength to this negative habits as any other habit is depression, so deal with the depression and anxiety by getting your self-esteem up meaning feeling more happy about yourself, others, life etc

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