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thebeautifulugly , 24 Oct 2013

5million fresh starts.. want this to be the last ..

I relapsed after 5 days of no picking. I feel absolutely horrible right now. I was finally starting to feel pretty again... and I had a weak moment and gave in. I hate this. I hate this compulsion. Im usually more positive about starting over but its kind of hard to be after 5 bajillion day ones. :(
1 Answer
October 24, 2013
Start over. It's only a real failure if you stop trying. I started over 2 days ago. It's terrible to have so many first days. You get frustrated and you think you are never gonna make it. But you just have to keep going, and everytime you fail you learn something. You learn why you picked this time so next time you'll be ready. Don't be hard on yourself, this thing sucks, but it's part of who we are and we just have to fight it and be in control untill it's no longer a part of us. Good luck, I really hope this is your last first day, and I'm SURE you can do this. We all can.

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