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stephaniearce1992 , 25 Oct 2013


So I have been picking my lips since I can remember. My mother does it and so does my brother. It was always just like this thing that we did. It never really bothered me in a serious manner just more like an annoying habit. Today was the first day I even googled skin picking and lip picking. I heard of Trichotillomania and I thought maybe I just had that disorder. I remember making it my new years resolution last year was to stop picking. How could I have missed that this was so serious? I didn't know there were so many names for skin picking and my family wasn't the only one to suffer from it. These last couple of weeks have been the worst for my skin picking. My face looks so disgusting with all the scars and open wounds. The sad part is I have great skin. I always get compliments and most of the time I'm not even wearing makeup. Lately I have been wearing makeup everyday just to hide the scars. I know I'm picking because of stress. I get these small little lightening bolts of heat in my brain and I will pick until I bleed. I mostly use bio oil which really does work. If you put it on as many times as you can daily it really does fade away the scars until they are gone. But I'm terrified that as I get older it will only get worse and my skin wont heal as well. I have skipped class twice already because I didnt want anyone to see me. I am really going try to stop picking my skin. I wash my face at least two times a day. And i moisturize. I hope writing on this forum helps me or helps atleast one other person.

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