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theperfectdist… , 10 Nov 2013

admission and looking for advice for my holiday

Hey, this is the first time I've ever done anything like this. I only discovered I had dermarillomania a few months ago after years of looking for an answer through doctors, dermatologists, online, and finding nothing that will help me. I haven't told anyone that this is what I believe I have. I think its embarrassing and I would do anything to get rid of this manic activity. I am going on an overseas holiday in a months time and I am scared my behaviour will be like my last camping holiday in which I rubbed and picked at my face so much that we had to come home early because I was crying every day and hating every minute of it. I even got pulled ober by the police because me scratching my face looked like i was talking on my mobile phone... Humiliating. I don't know why the idea of going on holiday scares me so much but hopefully someone will be able to offer me some advice to help me prepare for my hopefully relaxing holiday. It will be in a camper van for most of the trip. Thank you!
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November 11, 2013
Hey , i have the same problem. is there any way we could talk about it?
November 13, 2013
buy some silly putty and play with that while driving. It really works for me
November 13, 2013
I have an email address if you want to talk in more detail. And thanks for the suggestion, I wish I could stop this mindless habit! It all started with trying I fix imperfections and I've just made a mess of myself really.... Ah life!
November 21, 2013
CindyR I am picker not a scratcher and I don't know your skin type but mine is dry. When I get nervuous - I have pile of stuff in my purse that I start doing. My favorite is my cocoa butter stick - I rub it on my face or the places I pick on - it smells chocolately- feels smooth and nice. Sometimes I find myself rubbing the cocoa butter kind of vigorously even. I think this has to be less harmful than picking though. I also have anti- biotic ointment, Mary Kay Night creme ( which smells lovely too) and lip balm ( which I will put on my face if I feel like it) . Even if your skin type isn't dry you can wipe it off with a tissue and do it again and again. I also have spinner ring that I spin when I get anxious. It doesn't help a lot but it does help. Keeping your hands busy too, knitting crocheting. Cooking really does it for me - but that's hard to do on vacation. On vacation - I put each day in God's hand to take care of me and look over me and provide for me. That helps too. And if you go see a Doc they might prescribe something that will work on the obessive behaviors. I take a SSRI and it does not change my personality in anyway - it just helps. I am finding out that us dermatillamania folks have to use all the tricks in the bag ( although God is not really a trick) to help ourselves. Also sleep - if you can take a nap - you are not doing it then. Is any of this helping? Take care Cindy
November 29, 2013
CindyR Hi - How are you doing? Are you on Holiday yet? When you say you are going overseas are you going from Europe to Americas or the other way around? How are you holding up? Did you celebrate Thanksgiving? Cindy
November 30, 2013
Hi. I will be leaving for New Zealand in a week. I am a scratcher with dry skin. I find dermeze helpful. I had a few bad weeks but I'm getting better again. Trying to think positive thoughts about this trip. I will be reporting back on the outcome as soon as I get back!

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