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Restless.dreamer , 13 Nov 2013

Oils you can use

So I heard that if you use apple cider oil and stuff like that it helps heal open sores on your face. I dont own apple cider oil, and I don't know if I can use another type of oil. Would sunflower oil work?
3 Answers
November 13, 2013
The only oil i've tried is jojoba oil, its non comedogenic and its really hydrating. it may seem pricey but it lasts forever because a couple of drops are more than enough, and i feel like my skin heals faster. i use it to cleanse and as a moisturizer. I've read some people use coconut oil but they say it doesn't work for everyone, i might give that one a try sometime.
August 31, 2017

Lemon oil , tea tree oil and neem oil work well

August 31, 2017

Tea tree oil is amazing for any stage of healing or even using before you pick on a bump or blemish because it can heal and kill the bacteria or pimple we are often trying to eliminate or "fix" by picking. Jojoba is a nice light moisturizer that shouldn't clog your pores! I have never heard of apple cider oil but I have used apple cider vinegar in the past diluted with some water and it's a nice toner. I stopped using because I found washing my face with a gentle cleanser and using a simple moisturizer and tea tree oil either mixed in or as a spot treatment not only simplified my skin care but also did the trick to keep my skin healthy. The rest was up to me...self control not to pick!

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