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Lovingmyself , 13 Nov 2013

I found something that helps heal FAST

Hello my loves, I have come to this site many times but never posted before. I have been picking my skin ever since I can remember. I don't want to get into all the details because we all pretty much have the same story. We pick, we feel ashamed, we try to cover up, we hate ourselves, our skin heals, we feel good again, and then we slip one time and it's back to square one. When I finally found something that helps heal, I had to share with you all, because I have been with you following your journey from a distance hiding behind my comp. I am sure you're reading this post looking for something that may help heal your skin faster, so ill get to it.... For months I had gone without picking face... My scars were filling out, and I was feeling so damn good about myself. My mom even remarked that if I weren't her daughter, she would've sworn I must've done something to my face to make it improve. Well last week, I slipped and created a huge mess on my forehead. Immediately we bust out all the topicals, run to the store, but bandaids, and freak about how to fix this before anyone catches on to what we've done.... we put a bandaid on hoping and praying that in the morning it'll be better but it doesn't seem to get better and we pick to keep trying to fix it. Welllllll, last week I bought this stuff from Walgreens called Microcyn. It is sold on amazon and there is also an application for veterinary use called Vetericyn which is the same formula. On Monday night I had this huge lump sort of thing on my forehead right above my eyebrow. HUGE lump. I rinsed it with this Microcyn spray, and then soaked a bandaid with micocryn and covered it up and went to sleep. Mind you I only slept a few hours bc my crazy ass had stayed up pacing around my place lookin in every mirror trying to urgently fix the mess I had made. I kid you not, I woke up a few hours later with the swelling gone by at least 75%. It was so much better I could wear makeup over it without feeling self conscious!!! I did the same last night with the bandaid and it is now Wednesday morning and the swelling is almost entirely gone. The middle of the sound where I had picked like hell is healing nicely, and I am confident that this will be pretty much all gone by Friday!!! This stuff is non irritating... It's like this magic water!!! I don't know how it works but it works and I have tried everything. EVERYTHING. Go on the innovacyn website (they are the manufacturer) and look to see if there is a drugstore that carries this stuff nearby. If not, purchase either Microcyn or vetericyn on amazon and get it overnighted if you can. It's a little pricey but worth it!!! I have tried everything!!!! Trust me!!! My dad is a doctor and has all sorts of pills and creams that I would steal from his medicine cabinet whenever I had an issue, and absolutely nothing has worked as beautifully as this stuff. Please try it and let me know how it works for you. I'm telling you, I went to sleep without hope on Monday night and woke up completely amazed. It's a miracle guys. Please try it and remember to always love yourselves. We are human. Hope this helps my fellow angels.
6 Answers
November 13, 2013
Wait!!!! Sorry!!! It is called PURACYN not microcyn!!!!! Sorry!!!!!!! There is a Microcyn also made by the same folks but it is RX only. Puracyn or vetericyn are OTC. Vetericyn is cheaper I think but the same thing. Please please try it!!! I am looking in the mirror now completely amazed at how quickly this thing is healing. You know that yellowish leaky stuff that usually comes out when u squeeze, and it always seems like it never stops?? Well there is none of that left for me to even try to "drain" out. This is a first. I don't know how it works but it WORKS.
April 25, 2014

In reply to by FrustratedAmy

Hi FrustratedAmy, I'm soooo sorry I haven't been on here in months but came to see if anyone had any luck with the puracyn. I saw you had some other posts about puracyn - is it still working out for you? I also wanted to tell you about the hydrogel version which I can only find online. I actually buy the veterinary application on amazon (vetericyn) bc it is cheaper. I had recently created a nightmare on my cheek and I used the hydrogel and it almost instantly helped with my cheek looking less "angry." Also, now that the wound is not seeping, I find that the hydrogel helps soften the scabs a lot and helps the scabby part of the skin roll off more easily. It almost exfoliates the wound without irritating it! Amazing!! For us girls, that definitely helps with makeup applications so our concealers go on more smoothly. Try it out and lemme know what you think!!! I promise to get on here more often!!!!! Lots of love xoxo
April 25, 2014

In reply to by Lovingmyself

One thing I want to add is that if you can afford it, try to get to a dermatologist asap for a cortisone injection. I know it's embarrassing to go to a derm and have to admit that you just single handedly destroyed your face, but you will feel a lot better once you leave the derm knowing your wound will heal faster. I typically make some crap up like "Ohhh yeah I used some stuff that irritated it and made it 10x worse and then I picked a little and made it even worse"...., also know that I usually see different dermatologists at different times bc Id really rather they not look at me like "you again??" Lol. Try websites like zocdoc to make an appointment online asap. If the provider is in your network it may cost around like a hundred bucks (maybe less) for an intra-lesion shot of kenalog (an injectable cortisone).... It helps a lot you guys I know it's embarrassing but if you can afford it just pick a decent doc you've never been to and hey u never have to go back to him/her again. Or on the flip side if you actually like them and they seem understanding, it may give you a little hope that you can get ur face back on track. I recently made a mess on my cheek and was pretty embarrassed but the derm was just like ok no prob lemme just inject it and try not to pick. And it does also psychologically help you keep from picking when they shoot up the spot with meds!!!
May 24, 2014
Olá Vou me informar sobre esse medicamento MICROCYN e vamos ver? E tb a lanolina e vamos tentando o auto controle, buscando o auto conhecimento, um olhar interno, procurar entender o que está por trás desse transtorno. Não é possível que não tenha um caminho uma solução. Esperança Fé numa Força Maior. Somos todos Um em essência. Na vida td é transitório nada é permanente, Vamos procurar viver um dia de cada vez e tentar entender-se, compreender- se e Amar-se. Busque um horário do seu dia um momento de quietude, reflexão para Amar-se descobrisse se, respeitar-se, viver ame-se. Paz e Luz! Shanti Re Dificuldades a viada n
May 24, 2014
I am going to the store right now! I have several open wounds on my face. They aren't too deep but still very noticeable and frustrating. I will report back with how it works! Thanks for the suggestion.

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