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CindyR , 18 Nov 2013

The Stupid Plastic Surgeon

My Family Dr. referred me to a Plastic Surgeon for the thing on my forehead - that is totally self-inflicted. I found out it is not a scar but a discoloration of the skin because I put on the wrong prescription strength med that I had at home. The Plastic Surgeon spent most of my appointment typing into my med record hardly talked to me. There is still one little part not healed. He says he can't manage my case I need to go to the NP who does less invasive procedures. He proceeded to try to put a bandaid on my head and say and don't take it off or touch it until you the NP on 12/16. I said no to the band aide that I was a professional and I would not walk around in public with a bandaid on my head. I also pick at band aides too. So he stuck steri-strips on my head and they lasted to about 4pm. They were suppose to last a like a week and he gave me some replacements for when they fell off by themselves. And then he said that I have to be in control of myself and not touch it. You got to be kidding! He absolutely did not understand skin picking at all. I left in tears. I honestly don't know what he thinks - I am a person who not only takes off bandages - I have removed my own stitches everytime I had a surgery. ( Luckly it always held together.) Oh I had orignally asked my Fam. Dr. for a referral to a dermatologists but there are so few around here that it takes several months to see one. I did make an appointment with the NP hopefully she will be more understanding.

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