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cantstopwanthelp , 18 Nov 2013

Day by Day Challenge

Hello everyone, I am so fed up with dermatillomania, as I'm sure all of you are. I am going through the college application process right now, which has caused my face picking to spike insanely. Each time I am able to hold off long enough from picking and have clear skin again, I go on a picking spree and ruin all the progress I have made. I'm getting really worried that I'm going to do permanent damage to my skin, because it is taking longer and longer to heal every time. I've tried 30 day challenges and just stopping picking cold turkey, neither of which have worked at all. That is why I have decided to start a challenge "day by day". I know that the task of going weeks or months is too daunting for me, but if I just try and control it day by day, hopefully the progress will add up and eventually turn into weeks and months of no picking in the long run! I would love to participate in this challenge with other face pickers, because it would be helpful to have someone to report back to. If any of you are interested in trying to get through this day by day with me, please let me know! Hopefully these small steps will be just what we need to get on the track to leaving our skin alone!

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