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Sweetgurlx0x , 20 Nov 2013


Hi All, I am new to this site and I cannot believe how many people pick there skin..I am 27 years old and have been dealing with skin picking/acne since about 15. It has been a difficult challenge for me to overcome picking, but recently I have decided its time to STOP. I am tired of covering up my face (from picking) with make-up to go out to the store, gym, shopping, etc! It is so emotionally & physically scaring for me as a woman. I take my looks and image very seriously and like to look good and I am basically doing this to myself. I will sit and dig out every imperfection in the mirror until i am bleeding and wind up with a scab and then a potential scar. I have been taking some notes and trying to see what other people have done to try and stop. So far I have wrote on the mirror in my bathroom "NO PICKING" and this has helped for a day or so, and I am back to picking again. Can anyone suggest something to at least TRY and stop! I am also thinking the magnifying mirror on my regular mirror isnt helping! Please help! Thanks!
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November 21, 2013
So here's a question, do you pick when you aren't in front of a mirror? If you only pick in front of the mirror then maybe consider losing your mirrors. I pick no mater what so it wouldn't help me :( Also, ditch the magnifying mirror. That will only show more imperfections for you to mess with.

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