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alex56 , 21 Nov 2013

Tips and all the things ive tried to help stop picking

ive been picking my skin (starting with my scalp) for over 10 years now. and now i pick at pretty much any little bump or scab i find, have gotten staph infection because of so many open sores, and have gone through so much pain from my skin hurting from being picked so much, but i have gone through different stages where its better than worse so figured i would share some tips with you guys. - first i tried wearing gloves, i couldnt stand it it made my hands feel claustrophobic! lmao but worth a try. -wearing fake nails, it is definitely more difficult to pick with long nails in general, BUT is still possible, and actually results in worse scabs and scrapes when popping things, so the reason it helped somewhat, was because i knew if i picked with those i would end up with a huge scab. - making nails AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE. this is one thing that honestly DOES help me. although, i file them down till it hurts my fingers, which i know is also not good, but without the nails, its pretty difficult to pick! - covering the mirror, if your a face picker this might help, but for me i pick my body also so didnt help much. - using lotion, i have realized when i get out of the shower, its hard to pick at things cuz my fingers slip so maybe keeping moisturized often? - trying to keep your hands busy, playing video games, or sewing, drawing, writing, anything that involves your hands, even something like a worry stone could help. - tanning my face and body, i dont want to encourage too much sun, but when i am tan i dont notice the little bumps and all the imperfections easily. -PAIN, all the pain it causes after helps the will-power alot. right now i can barely move my neck because of some cystic zit i picked at, my entire neck is sore. it hurts to brush my hair or shampoo. and from looking down picking my chest, trying to pick my back and all that, just causes alotttt of neck pain. so try to remember the painful outcome. -unfortunatly, in my experience, will power is your best tool. and it is the most difficult to have. but without that will power, for me i will continue picking forever. it gets to a point you have to just tell yourself to STOP. try to relax yourself instead. and when i was working, for some reason i didnt pick as much, but when i was in school, i would go with huge scabs on my face. so mainly, keep yourself as busy as possible. these are just a few things to try, and i would one day like to see a psychologist to see what ways they would help this, but people who cant afford that, dont give up and keep trying.

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