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jessicasmommy , 11 Apr 2009

New to the forum- Found this site through a self-project

Hello, I just found this site through a websearch for my self-directed behavior project. The project involve the application of behavior modification to change my behavior.My problem is my compulsion to pick at my cuticles and both on my hands and feet. I've had this urge since I was a kid. As a kid I picked my scabs, now as an adult I have this cuticle compulsion. The only period when this compulsion stopped was when I would visit the nail salon. Since I'm unable to have acrylic nails at my job in the hospital (hygiene purposes), I've been back to the same compulsion. Last night was my first week of drastically reducing my behavior and what did I do? I picked at 6 of my 10 finger cuticles! Ugh, I'm so upset at myself. I hope to find support and help through this forum. Any advice about the book and or counseling sessions?

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