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Wonderful , 26 Nov 2013

Wow! I need help!

Hi everyone! I read a few of the posts about others being compulsive pickers. I myself am a picker for as long as I can remember. I wonder how females are able to wear lipstick because if i did, all you would see is my flaky cracked lips. My lips are currently raw and bleeding. I thought everyone did this to some degree. I realized though that my picking gets worse when I'm stressed out or anxious. Like right now for example, because I have two big presentations tomorrow for my grad program. I'm anxious other people notice how chapped my lips are. It doesn't make any sense. I've tried Carmex, blistex, various Burt's bees chap sticks, Vaseline, polysporin, coco butter. Nothing works. It only dries out my lips more. I'm on medication for my anxiety but it's not helping me with my compulsion. My lips hurt so bad. I'm worried I'm going to have no lips left by the time I'm done school. It's so bad that today while I was talking to my classmates a huge chunk my lip skin flew across my desk. Yuck! Not normal. My bf also nags at me. Winter is here and my lips are only going to get more chapped. I need help/ suggestions for short term and eventual long term relief. This habit sucks. - Erin

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