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bananianna , 01 Dec 2013

getting rid of mirrors/ taking medications

Hey all! My name is Adrianna and I've been picking since i was probably 7 or 8. I'm almost 22 now and I recently started going back to my psychologist for my picking.(before when i went to him it was for my adhd) He had me put on zoloft in hope that it will help with my picking as well as clear my head of bad thoughts. The zoloft is going to take about another month before it really kicks in so i was thinking about taking my mirror out of my room; It's one of those big mirrors with the three different sections so you can see every angle of your whole body. Granted i do use it to get ready and it isn't the only place i pick(it's also in the bathroom, shower, when i can't sleep, etc). I'm thinking maybe putting it in a different spot in my house could help but I have no clue where I would put it. Another issue is i keep all my make-up next to it and i have A LOT of make up. Should i get like a small vanity to keep it in that has a small mirror on it? what are your experiences/tips? and how do you guys feel about the zoloft?

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