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Breathitout , 01 Dec 2013


So, i decided to start a new post since it's December 1st to try to get rid of this compulsion for real. It's funny because I was doing great and then I picked so.. yeah. It wasn't bad, and it was just for 10 minutes and gently but still. Tomorrow will be day 1, and today i won't pick again. Whenever i get the urge i'm going to hold my hands in fists for 10 seconds and think of something else. I've tried this before and it works, i just have to be commited. Coconut oil has been working amazingly on my skin, so i'm gonna keep using it as a moisturizer every night and whenever i feel the need. Just going to take this one day at a time. One hour at a time. Whatever I need to stay strong. What i want is to not pick for a whole month, or at least try to control it and keep it at the minimum. So here, wish me luck and feel free to join me in the december challenge. <3
5 Answers
December 01, 2013
Good luck! December first is my birthday and I don't want to pick today either! I want to enjoy my life!
December 02, 2013
1. No picking. I popped one pimple because it was reallly bothering me. Staying strong.
December 03, 2013
Tried very hard not to get too close to the mirror at work. Absentmindedly picked at a little scab on my cheek and it took almost 15 minutes to stop bleeding! So I had to keep dabbing my face with a tissue. But that was it!
December 03, 2013
3 days into december and i've decided i'm tired of posting here. part of that feeling is just the fact that im dealing with a lot of stress from college and i honestly don't even have the time to think about my skin and stuff. So i'm gonna ty my alternative, which is trying to forget about this. If i pick i pick, if i don't then great. I'm just too tired of this battle i have with myself. Maybe if i just surrender things will turn around. Or maybe this is just another theory or another way to try to fight what we all go through. I'll still read the website but at least until mid-january i'm done worrying.

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