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whoopsydaisy , 13 Apr 2009

getting rid of scars?

hi, i'm completely new to this forum; i looked around a bit, but i couldn't find a topic that already discussed this. i only joined to ask one question, so i thought i'd just create a new topic. so, a few days ago, i decided to stop picking scabs. i have my weak moments, of course, but overall it's not going entirely bad. i just got sick of all the precautions i had to take, in order to hide those scabs (which are hideous, of course). three days ago i told everyone i had sunburn, so i had an excuse to swim with a t-shirt. that became a hard excuse to maintain when everyone decided to go swimming at night... :) anyway, most of my scabs are fading, which is good, but i've got scars everywhere. they're dark, purple-ish spots, and they're really ugly. does anyone know a way to make them fade or (rather improbably) disappear? it's no use trying to stop picking if i can't wear dresses and bikinis because i'm covered in scars.
3 Answers
April 22, 2009
Hi there whoopsydaisy, I had surgery once and the doc recomended "Maderma" for relief of the scar. Insurance won't pay for it because it's considered cosmetic and not medically necesary. Of course none of them have probably never had to deal with what we do on a daily basis. Also "cocobutter" lotion can also help the fading. But when you have done this as long as I have the scars will never fade and the scar tissue is a very ttough skin and makes getting IV's and other medical needs very tough. I congratulate you on your will power to stop. I wish I had that same power.But it has just been so long, 37 years now. I feel like i'm never goin to be able to stop until my arthritis and old age just prevent me from doing it. Again, CONGRATULATIONS, keep up with the not picking.
July 10, 2009

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I bought some bio oil in the attempt of trying to make my skin on my face better. It did make my skin feel nice but then my skin got so oily it increased my spots on my face. So didn't help there. However if you don't get spots on your back then try it out. Reviews say its really good if it's on parts of the body that don't suffer acne / oily skin. Well done for not picking!!! I haven't picked once today but the huge scabby lump on my face is screaming "pick me pick me" right now. It's all hardened up as well, perfect for picking off but grrrr must be strong!!!! This forum is helping :-)
July 10, 2009
I have tried almost everything out there and I have found that all-natural/organic is the way to go (for me), so I hope this helps you as well... Derma E's Scar Gel, Derma E's Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme, Tea Tree Oil, Jason's Tea Tree Hand and Face wash and/or Body Wash (either can be used as shampoo as well), Desert Essence's Thoroughly Clean Face wash, Desert Essence's Facial Cleansing pads.

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