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hny , 09 Dec 2013

Quite disapointed of quiting piching habit, Extremely need help!!!

I am a 22-year old girl, i have picked for nearly 6 years, but itś getting worse and im totally disapointed:((, i dont know any one who suffer from this problem in my friends and family, i think its something rare that a girl who is absolutely concerns about her apearance does such a thing?!o-O Actually these days that im almost at home to study for exams, i am totally destroying my skin at arms, feet, where ever i can reach?!!:((( i feel really lonely and depressed becaus of my repellent habbit!! Even my eyes hurt due to concentrating alot on picking my skin,idk what to dooo, Pleas help me if u have found a remedy!! tnx
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December 10, 2013
The only thing and I mean the only thing after thousand of dollars of meds and doctors, that works for me is Hydrocolloid bandages.
December 10, 2013

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thanx for your concer, do these bandages cure pimples and acne? actually i need a cut-off about my picking habbit fundamentally!!! moreover its time consuming and even i do it several hours without being aware of what im doing:(( im terribly worried about it!!!

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