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chance , 12 Dec 2013

help beating picking for my wife

I am 23 years old and have bit my cuticles, fingers and inside my cheek for as long as I can remember. I don't know why I do it but I have decided that I am not going to do it anymore. I'm a Marine and just returned home from deployment. I come home and my wife is perfect and everything should be perfect but there I am with nasty red and swollen fingers. I want to do this for her. I know she thinks it's disgusting. My plan is to use a liquid band-aid type product during the day to prevent biting and lotion at night. I’m open to any advice! I don’t talk about this with anyone because I’m so embarrassed, so it was nice to find people like myself where I could remain anonymous. I’d like to know any techniques people have used that have helped.. or hurt. I believe I can beat this, I just need to know how.
3 Answers
December 12, 2013
First and foremost thank you for your military service! Your wife loves you flaws and all. I am 43 and have been picking my fingers/scalp/you name it since I was very young. It's an OCD/Aniexty issue. Lansinoh breast lanolin is best. Heals overnight. Have the wife buy it at the drug store.
December 12, 2013

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I can definitely relate...I would love to beat this for my husband. However, we all have our problems, we just have a tough one! I pick at skin would be so clear if I just would leave it alone! I definitely second the's great! However, I would also use PURACYN to flush the wounds out (you can get it at Walgreens) and then put the Lansinoh on after that. You can also put the Lansinoh on your lips and it is amazing! I bet your wife would like that! :) Haha! Bless you for your service and selflessness.
December 13, 2013

In reply to by FrustratedAmy

I appreciate your advice. I will be getting some Lansinoh this weekend. I am so ready to feel normal. I have made passive attempts at stopping in the past but I've decided this time that my main personal focus will be on healing my hands. I think having this site as a support group will help. I've never set my mind to something and not be able to do it so I'm not planning on starting now. If anyone would like to start today we can be accountability partners. LET'S DO THIS!

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