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msdebral , 13 Apr 2009

bacterial infection from picking

I have always had a problem with picking, but never to the point of it controlling me. I began my obsessive digging when my husband and I became seperated. He is abusive emotionally and mentally. I did not realize that my picking was a result of post traumatic stress, until I had missed work, events, stayed up all night, got fired, got a horrible skin infection. I then got an infection called "c - Diff" in my intestines and colon that I nearly died in the hospital from. I am 44 yrs. and still can't wait to dig at my face with tweezers usually. I had picked my face so bad last summer, that I needed stitches to stop the bleeding!! I have made up so many stories about what happened to my face, it's like I'm not even lying. MY body hurts, my mouth has a metallic taste all the time, and I am in horrible pain. I was a victom of child abuse of all types. I have told a couple people including my councilor, but I am terrified of what I am doing to myself!!!! HELP anyone.
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April 15, 2009
I feel so badly for you. How awful what you have been through. You can email me at if you need to chat.

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